Sensor Node Over WiFi


The Sensor Node WiFi is currently under development, but coming very soon! It extends upon the existing Sensor Node design, by adding WiFi connectivity. After all, if you already have WiFi in your home, why not use it? It’s free! Protect the ones you love with Sensor Node WiFi.


more affordable


The Sensor Node WiFi has been further optimized for affordability. Our goal is to put Sensor Node in homes throughout New Zealand. To make this a reality, we are working tirelessly to keep costs low, but without sacrificing on quality.


Connect over WiFi

Identical performance, now leveraging the convenience of WiFi.



The Sensor Node WiFi is even more affordable with no ongoing costs.


Data On the Go

The Sensor Node app allows you to see your data any time, anywhere.


Real Science

The Sensor Node more than just a Smart IoT thermometer: it’s a precise scientific instrument with fully calibrated, linearised and temperature compensated digital outputs.


Small & Discrete

The Sensor Node WiFi is even smaller than the original. It blends into your home, while providing state of the art temperature and humidity monitoring.


Still Super securE

Your user account and data are fully secure end to end, using robust industry standard encryption methods.

Device Specifications

Feature Details
Connectivity WiFi
Power and Lifespan 2 x AAA batteries. 3-5 years
Measurement Interval 15 minutes
Physical Dimensions 8cm x 3cm x 2cm
Mounting Wall mounted with picture strip or screw
Measurement Operating Range Units Accuracy
Relative Humidity 0 -100 % % 2.0
Temperature -40 to 125 °C 0.2