Protect the ones you love with Sensor Node


Sensor Node gives you peace of mind that the ones we love are warm, healthy and safe: especially the little ones.




Small & Discrete

The Sensor Node blends into your home, while providing state of the art temperature and humidity monitoring.


Super securE

Users and data are fully secured end to end with industry standard encryption methods. Sensor Node has been professionally pen tested for absolute peace of mind.


Data on the GO

The Sensor Node app allows you to see your data any time, anywhere.

See the user guide or check out the app page.


real Science

The Sensor Node more than just a Smart IoT thermometer: it’s a precise scientific instrument with fully calibrated, linearised and temperature compensated digital outputs.



Sensor Node has been optimized for lowest possible cost, without compromising on the features that really matter.


LP WAN Radio

Sensor Node communicates over a Low Power Wide Area Network. Basically it's connected over radio, so you don’t need WiFi. So you can use it pretty much anywhere!


Device Specifications

Feature Details
Connectivity LPWAN Sigfox Enabled
Batteries 2 x AAA batteries. 3-5 years
Interval Every 15 minutes
Dimensions 11cm x 3cm x 2cm
Mounting Wall mount: picture strip / screw
Measurement Operating Range Units Accuracy
Relative Humidity 0 -100 % % 2.0
Temperature -40 to 125 °C 0.2